• Health is more than just diet and exercise.

    It’s a lifelong journey full of joy, freedom and hope.

    Hi! I’m Dr. Heather Bartos and I’m here to help you find your best health and take control of your life.


The Best Health is Yours to Take!

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Heather Bartos, M.D. Mindset Health Expert, Wellness Speaker, Author

Welcome to Our Community


A community of women of all ages (and sometimes men) who are ready to own their health.

You’ve probably heard the full story about your health. Open nearly any magazine, and you’re likely to believe that if you do exactly what the article says—you’ll be a size 6 in two weeks, picture-perfect and completely and utterly healthy.

But this is not the case.

I’m here to tell you that you are in control of your health—much more than you believe.

The path to health all begins in your mind. My mission is to educate and empower women and their families with the truth, which is that health is more than just diet and exercise….it is a lifelong journey. The quality of your healthcare voyage should be one of joy, freedom, and hope.

Maybe you’re a seeker—you’re constantly getting on a new blog, trying new things like hot yoga or the latest fad diet—but you find it’s not working for you.

When we scavenger hunt for the next best thing—we are delaying the inevitable look inside. We keep busy. We resist.

Rather than continuing your quest for the latest tips and tricks, I want you to be in tune with how your mind and body connect.

The best health is yours to take!

Here, you’ll find information to help you achieve your health vision in an unconventional yet approachable way. I am here to support you in this protective community where you can ask sensitive questions and connect with like-minded women and their families.

To start this journey, I want all women to have:

  • A safe environment
  • Inspiration to make tough changes
  • Information to put you in the driver’s seat
  • Regain a spring in your step
  • Hope, power, and control
  • Open channels of communication with your body



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Mindset Medicine

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Inspire Me!

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Carolina B.

"Dr. Bartos listens! She took her time with me and she’s exactly who I needed in my life. Together, she helped me devise a plan to get my own health back on track. She’s incredible."

Jessica M.

"Dr. Bartos gave me the tools to support myself through a teen pregnancy and beyond. Without that help, I think I would have been lost! I now want to pursue a career in medicine and help people like she helped me."

Matthew H.

"My wife started seeing Dr. Bartos and what impressed me was the change not just in her health, but her whole outlook on life. It even affected me and I started changing the way I thought about life choices as well!"

Leticia W.

"I had a lot of lifestyle stress—my father had just died—but Dr. Bartos knew how to help me look deeper to find the reason for my low moods: an underlying thyroid condition. She didn’t let me just use excuses or stay as unhappy as I was. She’s an amazing guide and advocate for health."

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