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Please use our Contact Us form for questions related to the website, e-newsletter, and speaking engagements/media. Please note: Dr. Bartos is only available for direct patient care via appointment through her clinic be. Women’s Health & Wellness®. She is not able to provide health consultations, or personal advice online. Due to volume, Dr. Bartos is unable to personally respond to all inquiries. We promise your incoming correspondence is reviewed (as time permits).

Speaking Engagements/Media Inquiries

In addition to speaking on all areas of women’s health, Dr. Bartos now also speaks as the creator of Mindset Medicine. Please include as much information as possible, so that we can best consider your request.

Unsolicited Items Submission Policy

Please note that Dr. Bartos does not accept unsolicited Items to promote for commercial benefit. If you submit unsolicited Items anyway, they will not be returned to you and you hereby grant to Heather Bartos MD., the right and license to the Items as if they were User Submissions (as described in the heatherbartosmd.com Terms & Conditions).

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