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Your favorite self-help book can only take you so far.  I’m a girl who likes to learn actively. And face it, sometimes, we need an honest-to-goodness tribe to brainstorm, share and learn.

Check out some of our online (private) course offerings that address some of our most important obstacles as women.

With different workshops lasting from 4-12 weeks, get inspired in a small-group setting and set your intentions to be a healthier woman. Which one grabs at you?

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Your prize here is… that you get to giveaway those extra, unneeded pounds. Giveaway the extra fat, the body self-shaming and the enabling behaviors like you gave away last week’s Us magazine to your doctor’s office.

The time is right. Don’t weight!

Two of my favorite words

The grit of how we get by on a daily basis as women, and the softness and vulnerability we need to show ourselves and others. How often do you really take time to reflect and think about all you have in life, your friends, your family, your health, and the fact that you have your own power and ability to learn and grow no matter how old you are? And thank the universe for it?

It’s freakin’ hard! Like you need another thing on your to-do list…but listen, gals…gratitude can lower your blood pressure, help with weight loss AND give you more time in your day! How? Check out this thankfulness-based course co-led by a yoga teacher and meditation expert!

Let’s talk about sex!

This course is about getting the healthiest —not raunchiest or most orgasmic—sex. This is about honoring the joining of your mind and body!

We talk safely and comfortably about the sex goddess you can be, whether in a relationship or even by yourself!

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