Humans are dynamic creatures. Far from one-dimensional, we’re the sum of many parts: our mind, body, and spirit. I remember sitting across the table from a dean of a prominent massage school one day. He used the best metaphor to describe our bodies and I think it applies here. He talked about our bodies as if they were clothed in a giant leotard. If you pull on the fabric at the top of one shoulder, everything shifts in reaction. Some parts, like the feet of your leotard, will get very uncomfortable. Other parts will just be gently tugged toward that pull.


I like to think of the mind, body, and spirit in a similar fashion. If all three are balanced and serving one another, that full-body leotard is snug and cozy. Pull one too hard and it gets uncomfortable. Essentially, if we focus too much on the body, too much on the mind, or two much on the spirit, the other parts will suffer.


Think about your wellness: Do you immediately think about the minutes you spend on the treadmill or your diet? What might happen in you also defined your wellness by how happy you are or how artistically fulfilled you are?


Our overall wellness is as dynamic as we are.

So how can you achieve this healthy balance of the mind, body, and spirit? Move around, but don’t focus on how many miles you jog every time you do it. Try dancing for yourself in private instead or indulge in an aerial yoga class. Explore your spiritual side, whether that’s mainstream religion or introspectively journaling your thoughts. Learn about the cycles of the moon and how your cycle matches up with its phases. Read non-fiction, inspirational books, but don’t shy away from junk chick-lit.


In many ways, you can look at your balanced mind, body, and spirit in the same way you look at your plate before you start dinner. Are all three in relative state of balance? Then you’re doing something right.


Among all the other amazing work she does, Dr. Heather Bartos’ goal is to help patients understand what stresses them out and how to manage that stress for increased health and wellness. I’m honored to partner with her to bring more healing to women, men, and children.


—Megan Winkler

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