5 Day Great Weight Giveaway

The great 5-day weight giveaway is back!

Of TIME Magazine’s top New Year’s resolutions, lose weight and get fit is number one. Not surprisingly, it tops the list every year. If I had a dollar for every patient that came into my office wanting to change her body, I could probably feed the world entire. The biggest challenge?  How. To. Do. It.


It seems easy enough. Eat less, move more. It’s almost that simple. Stress, hormones, family meal time challenges, spouses who want you to stay the way you are, well-meaning friends who enable bad habits—it’s no wonder the number one resolution in America is derailed by Valentine’s Day.


Working with women over the years, I’ve realized some key points to help lose (or giveaway, as we like to say) the weight and keep it off. When a woman desires to lose weight and get fit—whether it’s 5 or 100 pounds—it’s a challenge, right?


I like the phrase “giveaway” for weight because that’s exactly what we want to do! Subconsciously, if we “lose” something, we aim to find it. And girl, we don’t ever find that shed weight again!


Let’s CHOOSE to be healthy and fit. There is no magic pill. There is no magic formula. I always ask my patients to take personal responsibility for everything they do, good or not so good. Owning your health gives you power. At the end of it all, the goal is for you to be healthy and happy with yourself!


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