On the sexuality spectrum, asexuality remains overlooked, deeply-misunderstood, and poorly-portrayed. Until recently, lots of people just assumed that everyone was sexually attracted to someone or another – but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Asexuality is a lot more prevalent than we ever knew, but there are a ton of misconceptions around it.

Asexuality is not abstinence, celibacy, repression, or aversion, and in this episode, I’m going to share what it is, and why we shouldn’t paint aces with the same brush because it’s also a spectrum in its own right.

Some people don’t experience sexual attraction at all, that is they have no interest in sex in general, no matter who it is with, and that’s the concept of asexuality. -Heather Bartos  

You’ll also learn;

  • The difference between asexuality, low libido, celibacy and sexual dysfunction
  • How to know if you’re asexual 
  • Why we have to stop thinking asexuals can’t fall in love