The G-spot has the power to get a lot of ladies hot under the collar…but not for the reasons we’re usually fed by porn, magazines and, well, men.


For women who have struggled for years to ‘find’ their G-spot, the constant attention it gets can be downright infuriating. However, in light of just how many women have never experienced a G-spot orgasm, could it be time to conclude that this elusive broad is just the stuff of fantasies


WTF is a G-spot supposed to be, anyway, and who decided it was a good idea to send us all on a quest to hit the so-called sexual bullseye?


In this episode, I’m proposing a vagina-lution: it’s time to stop letting a sexual unicorn dictate how we should be feeling pleasure. 



We have to start getting away from the patriarchal, paternalistic sense of what women’s pleasure looks like. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • The cringey way the G-spot got its name (and why it should be changed ASAP!)
  • The horrible psychological effects women are dealing with by not finding their G-spot
  • What the G-spot probably is