Human beings have been toying with different ways to boost their libido for centuries. From varieties of venom to animal excrement, we (well, let’s be honest, most of the time, it’s men) are willing to do just about anything for a steamy night of passion. 

However, that’s not to say we should be diving into the unknown. While playing around with purported aphrodisiacs can be fun, it can also be dangerous – and I don’t know about you gals, but personally, even the hottest sexcapade isn’t what I’d qualify as something ‘to die for.’

So, which of the more ‘out-there’ sexy fixes are safe to try out, and which should we avoid altogether? 

In this episode, I’m diving into some of the more experimental routes people take to get themselves going, and why vetoing them is probably in our best interests.  

Pursuit of some of the more exotic aphrodisiacs can be downright DEADLY, so it’s better to avoid experimenting too much. -Heather Bartos

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Common foods to cut out to ensure a banging sex life
  • Deadly aphrodisiacs to avoid at all costs 
  • Why getting sloshed on serpent bits isn’t necessarily a good call for sad trouser snakes