When it comes to medication that improves sexual function, everyone knows about the ‘little blue pill,’ but that’s just for men…right? Right?


For many men, solving impotence can be as simple as popping a pill, but unfortunately, for ladies, things get a little more complicated. While impotence is essentially a plumbing issue, women’s bodies are affected by monthly, weekly and even daily cycles, so there’s a lot more to work through to get our motors going. 


The question remains, however: how the hell can we move past the issues, so we can feel sexy again? 


In this episode, I’m diving into the aphrodisiac options big pharma has to offer us. 



It’s taken a long time for Big Pharma to consider women’s sexual health, but we’re slowly getting there. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • What happens when women use viagra 
  • 2 FDA-approved products available to ladies 
  • The controversial non-FDA-approved treatments that can be helpful (even if they’re controversial!)