Close your eyes and picture the most mouthwatering, delicious meal you’ve ever tasted…

Now picture the worst meal you’ve ever had.

Can you do the same with your sexual experiences?


Believe it or not, sex and food are closely related.

Both experiences activate our brains in similar ways and can be sources of immense pleasure.


On the other hand, both can bring up negative emotions as well.

We may overindulge, purge, shame, or restrict ourselves when it comes to our appetites — both on our plates AND in the bedroom.


In this episode I’m talking about how your habits with food may carry over into your sex life, the biological links between food and arousal, and why it’s important to not limit yourself in either category.

Go grab your favorite snack and tune in!



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-What is a foodgasm?

-Do food and sex activate the same parts of the brain?

-Am I using food as a coping mechanism?

-What is the relationship between food and sex?

-Am I restricting myself in the bedroom?


“No one wants to eat the same food day in and day out forever, just like no one wants to do the exact same things in bed every time. Mix it up!”


You will learn…

-Similarities between your physical and sexual diets

-How your five senses play a role in deciding your dietary and sexual appetites

-The role the limbic system plays in both food perception and sexual experiences

-Why it’s important to not limit yourself when it comes to sex

-How your habits with food may carry over into your sex life


Remember these takeaways…

  1. Just like your regular diet is comprised of a variety of items, your sex life should also have some spice.
  2. We tend to restrict our diets in a number of ways, and this can carry over to our sexual lives. Stop dieting in the bedroom!
  3. Just like your diet, you deserve to have a sex life that is both nutritious AND delicious. Have fun with it, girlfriend!
  4. Food and sex both start with appetites, and these appetites are built into your biology. Learn to listen to these cues to expand both palates.


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