Fasting is like the turmeric of 2022, and just about everyone is doing it in some capacity. We have food fasts, social media fasts…and now, we have sex fasts, too. 

Now, while fasting is very on trend circa 2022, that’s not to say it’s a new concept. Oh no, my loves, fasting has been around for centuries, and there are some sound medical benefits to it. The only question is, why SEX?

Are there really any advantages to cutting out the coitus? Should we want to try, anyway? 

In this episode, I’m opening up a discussion on sex fasts, who should consider them, and how to do them right

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder and the dick grow stronger. -Heather Bartos

Things We Learned From This Episode

  • An explanation for sex fasts you probably didn’t think about in economics 101
  • How to do a sex fast if you’re single
  • Why some people are anti-sex fasts (and why others are all for it!)
  • What to get clear on BEFORE you commit to a sex fast
  • How long is too long when it comes to a sexual fast