We tend to think that talking to the youth about sex increases the likelihood of them making bad choices, but the truth is, we’re doing more damage by keeping them in the dark.


If we’re not talking to the younger generations about sex, someone else is, and there’s no telling what they might be exposed to. 


The other benefit to being open and talking about sex is we have the potential to help the new generation define their sexy sooner, so they feel more empowered to explore in a way that works for them. So, what’s stopping us from getting started already? 


In this episode, I’m delving into why it’s so important to talk about sex with youngsters (and how to do it!).



If we don’t discuss the bigger issues like empowerment and consent, we’re going to have a whole new generation of girls not knowing what to do. –Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • The age kids begin to shape their beliefs about sex, their bodies and the world 
  • How to send a more sex-positive message to the youth 
  • 1 thing we want to avoid when talking to youngins about the deed