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Why Women Cheat

Hey you, lady, sneaking all over town with your side piece. I see you!  Seriously, I don’t but I have heard of a few ladies in my circle who have stepped out of their relationships and went creeping with another guy, just like Madeline on Big Little Lies. At...

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Women and PTSD

The Monterey Women’s Clinic is now open and, boy do we have something to talk about - PTSD.  Ladies, did you know that we women are more likely to suffer from PTSD than men and the event that causes PTSD can be even more “mild” than those that trigger the disorder in...

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The Big Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

Ladies, it ain’t easy being us. Aside from the physical differences between gals and our male counterparts, we have a whole slew of mental challenges the dudes just don’t have; at least not to the same degree as we do.  Yeah, menorrhagia is tough, carrying a 10 pound...

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Why I LOVE the B word- and no it’s not Bartos!

There’s a lot of words we use that damage our own self-esteem and there are words that other people use against us. Sometimes we will “yell at ourselves” about our weight, education, successes and failures - we can always find something when we are looking to tear...

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Sansa -Going With the Heavy Flow

Spoiler Alert!!!   If you have NOT seen the Final episode of GoT - who are you?!? It’s over, ladies. Put a pin in it. It’s cooked, thanks to Dany for that. But we are going to talk about who sits on the Iron Throne and rules over the 7 6 kingdoms. That’s right,...

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Mother of Dragons Diagnosis

Westeros Women’s Clinic is open and this week we are talking about The Mother of Dragons and infertility. We all know Daenerys story -and why she felt she had the strongest claim to the Iron Throne but she has been plagued by one, small issue that all rulers face -...

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Menopause is Dark and Full of Terrors – Melisandre

O to the M and the G. Melisandre, the Red Witch, goes through Menopause on fast forward!  Her winter came ….and went in a flash.  Was her necklace actually a supercharged HRT patch? What’s an HRT patch? Why are you talking about Menopause?   Whaaat… OK - I am...

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Brienne “Don’t look at my Testosterone levels” Tarth

I wish I had a best friend like Brienne of Tarth. First of all, her name is totally badass. Just say it over and over –it’s super fun. Tarth. Tarth. Ok, I’ll stop. One more time. Tarth. Just rolls off the tongue. But I digress. In George R.R. Martin’s description of...

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