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Menopause is Dark and Full of Terrors – Melisandre

O to the M and the G. Melisandre, the Red Witch, goes through Menopause on fast forward!  Her winter came ….and went in a flash.  Was her necklace actually a supercharged HRT patch? What’s an HRT patch? Why are you talking about Menopause?   Whaaat… OK - I am...

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Brienne “Don’t look at my Testosterone levels” Tarth

I wish I had a best friend like Brienne of Tarth. First of all, her name is totally badass. Just say it over and over –it’s super fun. Tarth. Tarth. Ok, I’ll stop. One more time. Tarth. Just rolls off the tongue. But I digress. In George R.R. Martin’s description of...

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Cersei “PMS” Lannister

It may be getting warmer out, but gals…Winter is HERE! It’s no big secret that I’m a Game of Thrones fanatic.  Like I LOVE it.  No, I don’t cosplay as Mother of Dragons.  But it reminds me of my first medical practice after leaving the Navy.  Beheadings, poisonings,...

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Are you smarter than Propionibacterium acnes?

Life is a cycle, and us women experience this cyclical change every month. While it’s no fun for anyone, it’s probably less fun for some than others - clots, cramps, huge pimple, etc.. But I want to talk about the bigger picture, the cycle of life. Us women “of a...

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The Nipplegasm | Yes, you read that right.

Yeah, you read that right. The Nipplegasm is a real thing. The G-Spot may be a myth (hasn’t been found yet and it’s not for lack of trying) but your frontal temperature indicators are also great for orgasming and it works on both sexes! Woohoo.   You may already...

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KonMari The Crap Outta Your Life | Stuff Control

Doesn’t it feel better to have wiped the deck clean in our second KonMari the Crap out of your Life blog post? Did you do it? Have you been practicing the tips to remove all the “good stuff” overload that can become a burden? Yes, my lovelies, there is such a thing as...

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KonMari the Crap Outta Your Life | The Whole Dang Thing

Have you ever daydreamed? Of course you have! My daydreams sometimes involve having my house look like The Container Store. Everything neat as a pin, in its place and super orderly - but totally attractive and the envy of all my friends. You know, the kind of house...

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