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Whether it’s a group of 10 or 10,000, when women’s health expert Dr. Heather Bartos speaks the room is filled with laughter and “a-ha’s” as people jot down power notes to encourage change, inspirational quotes to post on their wall, and other meme-worthy sayings. Tackling the tough topics in a comfortable and enjoyable way is what Dr. Bartos does best. You won’t find anyone more engaging while treating the entire woman – not just her body.



“Lifting the FOG: Guilt-Free Medicine”

“Have the healthiest sex of your freakin’ life”

“The weight is over”

and more!

Her warmth and humor helped me open up to ask questions I wouldn’t have asked before! It was like sitting on the couch chatting with my best friend. I have grown and learned and, most of all, I feel more empowered and confident in my life!

Kathy Phillips

Speaking Inquiries

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Also, please note: Dr. Bartos is only available for direct patient care via appointment through her clinic, Women’s Health & Wellness®. Dr. Bartos is not able to provide individual health consultations, or direct personal advice online. Due to the fact that she is a full-time practicing OB-GYN, and a mom of two small children, Dr. Bartos may be unable to personally respond to all inquiries. She has tried, but there are only 24 hours in a day and she also tries to practice mind-body balance! We promise, your incoming correspondence is reviewed (as time permits).

Unsolicited Items Submission Policy
Please note that Dr. Bartos does not accept unsolicited Items to promote for commercial benefit. If you submit unsolicited Items anyway, they will not be returned to you and you hereby grant to Heather Bartos MD., the right and license to the items as if they were User Submissions (as described in the Terms & Conditions).


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