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MindSHIFT Medicine is an easy to swallow anti-pill. It is a daily infusion of self-goodness that honors your mind-body-soul connection with the benefit of immense health. Many patients opt to use MindSHIFT Medicine on a daily basis via meditation, intentional living, eating right, and other methods, such as forgiveness and gratitude practices, along with total responsibility.

If you’ve tried other mind-body treatments, you’re probably asking yourself–how is MindSHIFT Medicine different from other therapies?

MindSHIFT Medicine is recommended for:

  • Ladies who long to feel effortlessly healthy and happy.
  • Supermoms who have tried other mind-body connection modalities, but still don’t feel complete.
  • Gals who are secretly, subconsciously destroying their own health (see: eating Pop Tarts in the pantry or plate-pickin’ leftover chicken nuggets off your kids’ plates).
  • Women who want to improve their health in every way by OWNING it.

What are the possible side effects?


In in vivo studies of more than 3,000 women, 99.98% experienced an increase in:

  • Radiance
  • Ownership of their life
  • Uncontrollable smiling with occasional fits of laughter
  • Empowerment of their health
  • General awesomeness
  • Chronic promotion of MindSHIFT Medicine to friends and family
  • Other side effects include an 87% increase in total mind-body bliss. Some study participants even experienced less visits to their primary care clinic due to a decrease in stress and sickness.

Do not consume MindSHIFT Medicine if you:

Want to rely on others for your health and happiness

Fall victim to your own healthcare

Have absolutely no desire to feel better, do better, be better.

Inform your healthcare provider that you are going to stop seeking a magic pill and do the work on yourself, and you will no longer put your health on the back burner while meeting everyone else’s needs before your own. Also, inform your doctor that you have decided to rescue yourself and that you want a team approach for your healthcare. No need for a knight in shining armor or some overpromised elixir–you are going to start giving a damn about yourself so you can stop feeling tired, overextended, and physically ill. Also, you can tell your PCP that you are going to start LISTENING to your body. You are choosing to shine. Contraindications while taking MindSHIFT Medicine? Your goals will help determine which things you should avoid with taking MindSHIFT Medicine, but some could include:

  • Toxic advice
  • “Fad” health recommendations
  • Negative self-talk including feelings of guilt & “less than”
  • You may find you want to avoid certain triggers as well–unhealthy foods, certain locations, specific friends or family, etc.
  • Most of all, you want to avoid feeling like you have to be perfect. MindSHIFT Medicine includes understanding that we, as women, fail but we can always get back up.

Note: MindSHIFT Medicine should be taken regularly to be MOST effective. But even a once-a-week dose is better than nothing!

 MindSHIFT Medicine would like to thank the 3000 women who participated in our non-clinical trials (and are happier and healthier because of it) 

“I have followed Dr. Bartos’s MindSHIFT Medicine principles–and I realized that besides a chronic medical problem, I also had a lot of lifestyle stress. Dr. Bartos knew how to help me look deeper to find the reason for my low moods and show me how to fix them myself. She didn’t let me just use excuses or stay as unhappy as I was. By owning my health, I am now in control and work with my medical team to the She’s an awesome guide and advocate for health.”

“A lot of patients say their doctor is great: but to say Dr. Bartos is incredible is an understatement. My husband and I both followed her MindSHIFT Medicine advice while pregnant with our second child. She emphasized over and over that her goal was to make this a healing experience for us and it was nothing short of wonderful. If we even had the slightest bit of anxiety, she nipped it in the bud by calming our fears. She had us doing breathing exercises together some days! I used affirmations to get through the hard parts of my pregnancy. I literally cry every single time I talk about the time and loving care she took of us because she just went so far beyond our expectations. She guided us through our health journey with exceptional care. She is an amazing doctor, yes…but she is also an amazing person. She is a true blessing and we will forever be grateful to her.”

  • She’s so Full of SHIFT: The art and science of owning your health (Now in clinical studies!)
  • MindSHIFT Medicine Podcasts
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MindSHIFT Medicine may not be right for everyone. Only YOU can decide if MindSHIFT Medicine is right for you.

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