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The GREAT weight giveaway is back!

Hey there! Are you not blessed with “Good Genes”? You know, the kind that let you have carbs with every meal, hunks of cheese and butter, a second helping of dessert and STILL fit in your FAVORITE JEANS?

Me  neither!

I see you struggling with hormones, commitments, your job, your family and somehow trying to fit in that 5 am workout.  If I had a dollar for every patient that has told me they are trying to lose weight BUT – I could feed the world. Oh, let’s not forget those helpful friends and TV experts who tout the “eat less, move more” mantra. I am still trying to find that unicorn woman it works for!

Listen, we all just want to be healthy and that means maintaining a healthy weight. Dieting isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so darn hard – really! Before you think I’ve found a magic cure for your waistline woes, let me tell you what this program is not.

  • It’s not a quick fix pill (dang!)
  • It’s not a crazy diet (face North, eat one grape, then chant kinda thing)
  • It’s not a back-breaking exercise plan (thank goodness!)

“I lost more than 100 pounds with Dr. Bartos’ kind but firm weight-loss techniques. Realizing it really ISN’T just calories in and calories out, having someone to be accountable to, feeling empowered not judged. I’ve tried nearly 30 different diets before, but this plan was the one that stuck. This plan was me. These were the key components of my success.”

-Katherine R.

What this is, is a weight loss plan designed for women based on the incredibly successful in-person weight loss plan I use with my patients. The good news, you don’t have to travel all the way to Texas (you can if you want, no one is stopping you!) for an appointment with me. I am taking my program on the road web and showing you all how to “giveaway” the extra pounds forever.

Why giveaway? Well, we certainly don’t want to find those lost pounds again,  pick up the ones we dropped, or regrow the ones we shed. We want to give those LBs away and never, ‘EVA see them again.

And how do we do that?

We address the most common issues and roadblocks you face as a woman looking to lose weight ( like having to be a short-order cook for picky kids, hectic schedules, hormones) and I teach accountability. No matter what choice you make – eat the brownie, skip the brownie – You. Are. Going. To. Own. It

It sounds scary but ownership is power – and hunny, you are taking your power back! I pinky promise, if you stick with me you are going to giveaway the weight, regrow your pride and self-esteem, and gain ownership over your life!

I wish I could say I’ve been a size 2 my entire life. But that JUST ISN’T THE CASE. In fact, I have struggled like nobody’s business with my weight because—I am an emotional eater. (The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?)

I eat when I’m happy and when I’m sad. And especially when I’m stressed! And OMG, PMS?? It was a killer to any dietary plan I tried to follow.

Now, I’m a recovered emotional eater, and my weight has stabilized to where I AM HAPPY. Body acceptance was so foreign to me it might as well been written in Icelandic! But I’m going to share all of the trials and tribulations and how I got to where I stopped shoving food into my piehole and started giving a crap about myself and my body. And my weight seriously fixed itself! And NO, I don’t eat only egg whites and protein shakes. And I don’t workout 2 hours a day—my weight and I are now FRIENDS (and not friends like Regina George in Mean Girls).

Join me and let’s giveaway that weight you no longer want.

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Physician, Author, Speaker, Wife, Mom & Everyday gal
A board-certified OB-GYN, Dr. Bartos graduated from the University of Texas at Houston Medical School and completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine, also in Houston. She served as an assistant clinical professor of OB-GYN at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) for several years and was a physician in the US Navy for eight years. She is currently chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Denton, Texas.

Outside of her work, she can be found doing Pilates on her reformer, reading the nearest inspiring book she can get her hands on and spending quality time with her family.


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