What if I jiggle?

Hey sister! Do you have to “turn the lights down low” whenever you get into bed knowing that you or your partner are wanting to get frisky? I mean, afterwards you are definitely going to need to go the bathroom to avoid that dreaded UTI, and you DO NOT...

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Mental Blocks into Building Blocks

Not to sound like your mother here, but a life out of balance will catch up with you eventually … and everyone is out of balance.  Even those who seem balanced probably work at it, like exercising. We can generate illness, and on the flip side, wellness in our lives...

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Stress: The Real Enemy

Did you know that 75 to 90 percent of all doctor’s office visits are for complaints and ailments that are related to stress? Headaches, high blood pressure, skin problems, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, you name it: they all have stress as a...

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Have you ever wanted to feel sick?

Have you ever wanted to feel sick? To just lay in bed with a slight fever and runny nose? Or to have a bad stomach or a gripping headache? Your quick gut response might be, “Heck, no! Why would I EVER want to be sick?” I find that nearly every woman wants to escape...

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Vacation: A Necessary Prescription for a Healthy Life

This week, I embark on a vacation – my first – in more than two years. That seems rather sad, right? It’s certainly not healthy; I’ll admit that freely. But come on, admit it…I’m not alone. Per the U.S. Travel Association, Americans collectively did not use 662...

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5 Things NOT to Say to A Woman Who’s Trying to Get Pregnant

As an OB/GYN who struggled with infertility, I’m all too aware of the well-meaning “comforts” friends and family will sometimes say to someone who is having difficulty getting pregnant.  I say “well-meaning” because they usually are—but dang! They usually cut deep and...

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Yoga For Stress Relief

Frequently we hear about the benefits of yoga for stress relief. But why does yoga have such a reputation? Although yoga practitioners have known for thousands of years that the practice gives deep health benefits, the science world has been studying the physiological...

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