In the STI spectrum, chlamydia is the relative new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have your attention. This infection can lead to really, really crappy results when it goes untreated, and because many people are asymptomatic, regular screenings are the only way to go, sister.

So what are some of the common symptoms of chlamydia and how treatable is it? In this episode, we’re diving into this STI and why we shouldn’t laugh it off so quickly. 

It’s hard to feel sexy when you end up with permanent ramifications of a disease that’s easily treatable. -Heather Bartos  

You’ll also learn; 

  • What causes chlamydia (and what the Greeks have to do with it)
  • How people get chlamydia from birds (not the way you think)
  • The perils of chlamydia going untreated