Be. Women’s Health and Wellness is my clinic in
Cross Roads, Texas (and soon a second location in Frisco, Texas)

—and it’s where my story, and my journey to Badass Woman, Badass Health really began.


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After years of dissatisfaction with the way women’s health was treated in modern medical practice, we threw open our door as a village and one-stop-shop serving all the needs of women—mind, body, and soul.

What started as a tiny practice with two providers (myself and my NP), has now expanded into a team of six and a little family of wellness practitioners, too.

Beyond OB-GYN care,
we also offer:

  • Yoga classes
  • Full family health care (that means husbands, daughters and sons)
  • Meditation classes
  • Prenatal workshops
  • Community events supporting health and wellness
  • Skincare and aesthetic treatments
  • And so much more

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