From Drag Queens to theater kids and Christian Bale, dressing up makes life more exciting and bringing that energy of imagination into our sex lives can really change the game. We’ve probably all fantasized about getting it on with an Avenger or a Game of Thrones character – what if we could get these scenarios out of our heads into our real lives?

This is where cosplay comes in! This fun little exercise in fantasy and imagination can really turn things up in the bedroom. You get to be as bold, liberated and badass as you’d like by tapping into (and tapping) your favorite character.

What are the benefits of adding cosplay into sexual routine? In this episode we’re going to talk about why this trend could be next on your sexy to-do list!

Cosplay sex is one of the most fun and creative ways to spice up the bedroom. Stay in the lane you authentically feel safe in, explore fantasies and channel your favorite characters! -Heather Bartos  

You’ll also learn;

  • Why cosplay has taken off 
  • The physical, mental and emotional benefits of cosplay 
  • How to engage in cosplay in a non-intimidating way