Hold onto your hats (or eggs)!


The latest episode of “The SEX Podcast” just dropped, and we’re spilling *all* the juicy deets on Yoni (aka Jade) Eggs. 


If you tuned in the last episode, you know we talked about Yoni (Sanskrit for “sacred space”- you know, the vagina?) massages. But now let’s take it a step further.

Curious why women are STILL flocking to these mystical orbs?

Wondering what the heck Yoni eggs even are and what they’re definitely NOT?

We’ve got the lowdown, the real talk, and a dash of peppery spice just for you. 


In this episode, we’ve got Dr. B’s unique perspective as a gynecologist AND an energy healer – we’re separating the facts from the fantasies, debunking myths, and giving you the inside scoop on why women might want to add a little egg-citement to their lives. 

Spoiler alert: it’s not just about omelets! 

AND why maybe a different option would be even better- 

Hit play, and let’s crack open this conversation!