When it comes to the food world, getting a single Michelin Star is a huge accomplishment.

Getting three, however, puts you at the top of the pack. (Hello, Gordon Ramsay—he has 16 stars awarded to his 35 restaurants).

Michelin has certain criteria it looks for when it’s awarding these accolades to a restaurant:

  • 1-star is considered worth stopping for and has very good quality cuisine prepared to a high standard.
  • A 2-star restaurant is worth a detour, is of excellent quality, and is skillfully crafted cuisine.
  • A 3-star restaurant – the highest level you can get – is worth a special journey out of your way to experience. These places tout exceptional food that is precisely executed.

THIS is what we also deserve out of our sex lives! This is the most desired ticket in town; it’s the most desired in your bedroom too.

When I think about what I’m going to call “Michelin 3-star sex,” I think of it as you are literally sitting at the Chef’s Table. This is the toughest reservation to get because it is that special.

I once called Gordon Ramsay’s New York restaurant and was told there was an EIGHT-MONTH WAIT to get in.  Which was seven and a half months past my trip, so that blew that. Bummer.

But you don’t have to wait nearly a year to enjoy a Michelin star bedroom sesh!

Michelin 3-star sex is essentially enlightened sex without guilt, time constraints, or inhibitions. It leaves you breathless in the best way.

During this type of sex, all of these amazing feel-good neurochemicals are released including oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and more.

It is the best sex of your life, but it’s also the most precious because no one can afford to have this kind of sex every day (ummmm, hello? Day job? Adulting? Responsibilities? Kids?)

So how do you recreate this tantalizing sexual cuisine at home?

Start by releasing any sex-limiting beliefs and starting fresh. Michelin-star sex is unencumbered, and it involves bringing your most authentic self to the table.

Now, a lot of talk about epic, mind blowing sex. I’ve even heard intimacy coaches talk about these amazing orgasms that just kind of happen out of the blue. We are led to believe that every sexual escapade should be this memorable.

But just like every meal you eat isn’t Beef Wellington or a beautiful souffle, we shouldn’t expect tip-top sex every single time because then it would become commonplace. It wouldn’t be special anymore.

The aim instead is to try to find the pieces of Michelin-star sex that really speak to us so we can recreate this amazing chef’s table meal at home, so to speak.

Incredible sex has nothing to do with the mastery of an orgasm or certain positions. It actually has to do with variety. Remember, the key to everything, including your sexual diet, is balance.

Sometimes you don’t need to have a Michelin 3-star meal tonight because it would lose its rarity. It would be less precious and dear if you’re having it all the time.

If we expect perfection constantly we will instead inevitably leave disappointed, and it causes us to feel bad about ourselves because we as women can’t possibly achieve such levels every single time.  I mean if I ate a 5-course meal every night, would it still be as amazing? Probably not!

Another key is to talk to your partner about your wants and your fantasies. Have an honest conversation so you both can actually explore your mutual desires, although you can totally have 3-star sex by yourself….and should! (eating at a fabulous restaurant by yourself can be total and utter bliss)

There is nothing wrong with a quickie (fast food) here and there, just like there’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself alone (tv dinner) when you feel like it, trying something new and spicy, or eating some leftovers.

Then, when you can…aim for the Michelin 3-star sex because, my love, it is soooooo worth the journey!

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