When most people think of sex machines, they think of oversexualized women a la Barberella, whose insatiable sexuality breaks the evil professor’s modern technology of the “Excessive Machine.”

If human contact is not enough for a certain woman, then certainly a machine can be, right?

But sex machines–as they are colloquially called–is a machine invented in the early 1900s that was a self-operated device that sprayed milk into the vagina to simulate ejaculation.

Later, as the vibrator was used to treat “hysteria,” sex machines were installed in bath houses and eventually more compact, electrically powered versions later briefly appeared as health aids in department store catalogs (yeah, like Sears).

But sex machines aren’t just for lusty minxes that “can’t get enough” through human means. They throb. They penetrate, they also milk, suck and a host of other things that a partner may not be able to do.

Is a sex machine – either DIY or purchased via hundreds of online avenues–worth it? And why would you want it? And will it ruin traditional sexual activities?

Find out all this and more on this week’s episode:

Don’t just be a sex machine: Use one!