Most of us know that men are more visually stimulated than women…

That’s not to say that women don’t love staring at a sexy guy, but we need more direct stimulation to get our blood pumping.


We need to be touched! 


And sometimes we need a little extra help to achieve certain sensations…

That’s where sex toys come in! 


These are the heroes we need and deserve, ladies!


If you’ve ever wondered how to choose the right sex toy for you, why it’s important to wash your dildos, and how a vibrator can spice up your sex life, then look no further! 

Listen to this episode to have all your questions answered and more. 



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-What is the rabbit vibrator?

-Where is the best place to buy a sex toy?

-Is it ok to have a vibrator in a relationship?

-How often should I clean my dildo?

-Will using a vibrator make me less sensitive?


“Most woman can benefit from using sex toys. Toys enhance your pleasure and can even boost your vaginal health!”


You will learn…

-Why it’s important to clean your sex toys after each use

-The difference between a dildo and a vibrator

-How using sex toys can be beneficial to your vaginal health

-The origin of the dildo

-How to choose the right sex toy for you


Remember these takeaways…

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of sex toys to find out what works best for your body. Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince!
  2. Many women enjoy direct stimulation on their lady-parts so a toy can be the perfect way to discover new and exciting sensations. Treat yourself!
  3. Cleaning your sex toys may be less fun than using them but it’s an important step after EVERY use!
  4. No one should be ashamed of owning multiple sex toys. I’ve known women who have a different one for every day of the week!


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