Once upon a time, a gal with a little extra girth was celebrated – heck, even lusted after. Now, it feels like a crime to feel sexy and enjoy sex if you’re not a certain weight or shape, and it’s screwing with us in the worst way – it’s making us not want to get busy at all.

Well, the truth is – all this shaming sets us up for failure, and the scale honestly shouldn’t dictate our pleasure. Why do we tend to cut off sexual activity if we feel we’re overweight? How do we overcome this?

In this episode, I’m going to share why your curvier figure or quarantine 15 shouldn’t mess with your sex life. 

The scale can sabotage your sex life so if you’re insecure and you’re thinking about how your body looks during sex, you’ll never ever be in the mood because our sex life is strongly linked to our body confidence. -Heather Bartos  

We also discussed; 

  • The never-ending trap of chasing a certain number on a scale 
  • Where the quest for thin really began and why it’s unrealistic and even damaging
  • Why you might need to walk around nude to feel better about your body (not outdoors instead)