Most of us love vision boards. Who doesn’t enjoy cutting up pictures of things we love and slapping them on a pretty board? However, one of the biggest reasons we love them is because they give us hope.


Having a roadmap of what we want gives us a break from agonizing over what we don’t. My question is, why aren’t we using these little tools to conjure up the sex lives of our dreams?


Whether we’re using them to manifest a frenzied sex life full of our wildest fantasies, or simply create a more healthy approach to sex, having a vision board is a great way to visualize what we want and remind us it’s possible (all while having fun!). 


In this episode, I’m sharing how putting together a vision board helped one of my past patients create a more fulfilling sex life, so she could fully embrace her inner sexy. 



Share enough of your own sex story so your partner understands where you’re coming from. -Heather Bartos


Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Why our upbringing impacts our sex lives more than we think
  • How to pinpoint the things holding us back from better sex 
  • How to handle a narcissistic ex-partner (that doesn’t involve a pig farm!) 
  • Why talking to our partners about previous encounters is the key to better sex