Positive expectations feature big time in our culture, and sometimes, that’s great! Who doesn’t love believing that we’ll ultimately end up married to a handsome Prince Charming, have earth-shattering orgasms every time we have sex and live happily ever after? 


The only problem is, many of those expectations are only paving the way for disappointment. Great sex every time sounds like a fairytale because that’s exactly what it is!


Does that mean we should be abandoning all our standards? Should we stop expecting to have any great sex and just…hope for the best? Yeah – that’s a NO!


In this episode, I’m explaining how to leave expectations at the door without sacrificing our sexy needs!



Expectations are ruining your maximum potential for your maximum inner sexy. -Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


  • The biggest difference between expectations and standards
  • Where our unhealthy expectations stem from  
  • How big expectations hold us back from our inner sexy vixen
  • Why we need to remove the princess filter from our everyday lives