Guess what?

The wait is over!

Part 3 of our scintillating SEX podcast series on Narcissist Nightmares is now live, and boy, oh boy, are we diving deep into the tantalizing world of narcissist RECOVERY!


In this episode, we’re serving up some seriously spicy topics:


  • Narcissist Detox: Reclaiming Your Power in the Bedroom – Discover how to banish those toxic vibes and rediscover your sexual confidence. It’s all about you, baby!


  • Confidence is Key: Owning Your Sexuality – Learn how to strut your stuff and own your desires without apologies. Confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear!


  • Toxic Relationship Recovery: Rebuilding Intimacy and Trust – We’re dishing out tips on how to rebuild trust and intimacy after surviving a narcissist relationship. Spoiler alert: it’s totally possible and incredibly rewarding! And we discuss how to know if you’ve trauma bonded as well! 


  • Sexy Self-Care: Indulge, Pamper, Repeat – Dive into the world of sensual self-care. We’re talking bubble baths, scented candles, and all the things that make you feel like the goddess you are!


  • Bedroom Adventures: Spice Up Your Sex Life! – Ready to turn up the heat? Get inspired with some sizzling bedroom ideas that will leave you – SOLO – breathless and ready for more BEFORE you jump into your next relationship. 


Get your headphones ready, and join us on this electrifying journey to self-discovery, empowerment, and mind-blowing pleasure. Whether you’ve been with a narcissist or know someone that has or somewhere in between, this episode is your passport to a world of unapologetic sensuality and fierce self-love. 


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