Relationships are a two-way street, we’re supposed to give and we receive, but what do you do if you’re doing all the giving? 


Emotionally, mentally and sexually, women often find themselves giving but not receiving, and we have thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning to blame for it. The good news is you can change this, and step-by-step, little-by-little our relationships can be less one-sided. 


In this episode, we’re going to talk about why so many women struggle to receive in the bedroom, and how to change this dynamic. 


If you’re a chronic giver it’s not going to be fixed overnight, but with a little effort each day, you can start to let the gifts come to you. -Heather Bartos


You’ll learn about; 

  • Why women still have a hard time stepping out of the giver role 
  • How to deactivate over-give mode and move towards balance 

Why you can’t change the dynamic in your relationship overnight and how to make slow progress