If you’re over hearing about gratitude, you’re not alone. Much like turmeric and CBD oil, the word has been overused so much in the past few years that many of us have more than a touch of gratitude fatigue


That being said, there are a ton of studies that prove gratitude really can make a positive impact in our lives in general, from better eating habits to less stress – and, more importantly, better sex!


So, how can we get better at practicing gratitude, so we can get all the benefits? Is it really as simple as being thankful?


In this episode, I’m getting into gratitude and how to make it a bigger part of our lives (and spoiler alert: if the word ‘gratitude’ has your eyes rolling, you can always sub it out with ‘grat’). 



With authentic effort, you can turn a lacklustre sex life into something that would make even the writers of Bridgerton blush! –Heather Bartos


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Gratitude exercises that aren’t journaling
  • 1 thing we HAVE to remember when practicing gratitude
  • How gratitude actually changes our hormonal and chemical states