Chin hair, neck hair, toe hairs, and nipple hairs – why do you grow hair in places you don’t want it, and what the heck can you do about it? As we get older, it seems like we lose hair from our heads and it goes elsewhere, often sprouting up almost overnight

A lot of us feel embarrassed about this hair growth, and it can make it hard for a gal to feel sexy, but you’re not a freak, believe me, it’s normal. 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about where this hair gain comes from, and how to get it under control. 


To feel maximum-sexy, we work with our body, we make our body our friend, and we give her what she needs. -Heather Bartos


You’ll learn all about; 

  • The real reason why hair seems to migrate from our heads to other parts of our bodies as we get older. 
  • Why stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe-approved always had smooth, gorgeous skin. 
  • How to banish unwanted hair and raise your skincare game at the same time. 


Let’s get into it!