Picture this: I’m sipping my green tea and scrolling through my news feed this morning before clinic. I see this amazing photo of Kate Beckinsale in a killer bikini and celebrating her health at 46 years old. I mean, this woman looks incredible! I wish I’d looked that fit at 20.

But I bet you’ll be unsurprised to learn that people were DRAGGING her for posting bathing suit photos because she’s “too old.” TOO OLD??  At 46?? What’s up with that?

The saddest part of the article, though, was the survey at the bottom. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. Where it asks “Have you ever been body shamed?” did you click on “Yes” too? When I did, I was truly saddened but not the slightest bit surprised that 100% of people who answered said that they’d been body shamed too.


You’ve probably even body-shamed yourself.

Yep. Anytime you’ve criticized your looks, used self-deprecating humor about your body, or said, “I hate the way I look,” that’s a form of body shaming. And the more you’re doing it to yourself, the more you’re likely to do it to other people (and vice versa, actually!).

Want to love your body more and stop those thoughts? Here are some of my favorite ways to combat those negative body thoughts.


Think about all the incredible things your body does every day. It’s literally trying to keep you alive 24/7, 365. Your heart beats without you thinking about it. You don’t have to tell your lungs to breathe. Digestion, your immune system, everything…just works! And if it doesn’t work well, then you should talk to your doctor about fixing those thangs!


Think of the people you most admire in your life. What characteristics make them amazing? Did you list their weight or age among those characteristics? Probably not!  One of my favorite women in the world is Julie Andrew..who’s 85!! Or the freakin’ Queen who’s 93 and still active as s**t.  Inspiring!


Write a list of 10 things you love about yourself that have NOTHING to do with your appearance. Add one or two things to that list every day. 


Eat when you’re hungry and rest when you’re tired. Just make good, healthy choices. Starving yourself and not getting enough sleep can cause your body to hold onto those few unwanted pounds.  And it certainly does nothing to help how we age.


Find a way to exercise that you actually like…not the type you feel like you should do. I love Pilates, yoga, and walking outside, but don’t try and put me on a treadmill. It’s not fun and so, I just won’t do it.


Stop talking about getting older.  Plenty of women tell me “oh I’m just old” (and they’re 35) or “I feel so ancient” or my personal favorite…”It’s hell getting older”– really, isn’t the alternative worse??  Check back at this past blog about why getting older as a woman is sooooo boss.

As we round into 2020, nurture and love yourself, no matter your age, weight or size.  Speaking of 2020, isn’t Barbara Walters a rock icon? Or Ruth Bader Ginsburg? These women are embracing getting older and fabulous. 

And Kate…I think you look fantastic.  It’s obvious you feel it, too!

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