Have you been curious about choking during sex? Maybe you had a partner recently who, seemingly out of nowhere, asked you to choke them? Or perhaps you saw a porn scene recently where choking was the main attraction?

Erotic asphyxiation (otherwise known as “breath play”) is a dangerous sexual act most often used while engaging in BDSM. EA occurs when the oxygen in the breath is limited, resulting in more intense sexual interactions and orgasmic experiences.

WOWOWWWWWW. Whew this one is a doozy this week.

I’ve put off doing this topic for months now, because every time I start looking at it, it triggers me. BIG TIME. And a lot of women feel like I do. Because done even the slightest bit wrong: can have devastating consequences (short list of celebrities who have died during EA: David Carradine, Michael Hutchence and others).

And yet, Google searches for erotic breath play, choking and asphyxiation are at all-time highs (FYI: the high is the reason people like it).

What’s the deal? Find out in this week’s episode.

Hold your breath–why some people turn to choking during sex.