In this eye-opening episode, we shatter the Hollywood stereotypes surrounding menopause with a sledgehammer of truth. Forget the clichés of aging, dryness, and becoming a ‘has been.’ Join us on a journey where we flip the script and embrace the immense freedom menopause brings.

Sure, there might be the occasional bout of vaginal dryness and joint pain, but guess what? We’re here to tell you that it’s just a small chapter in a much bigger, bolder story.

Menopause isn’t about becoming a shadow of our former selves; it’s an opportunity to redefine, reignite, and reclaim our lives.

Tune in as we derail the Hollywood tropes, and instead, rally around the idea that women can kick ass and find unparalleled pleasure in this free-spirited phase of life.

Discover the amazing possibilities, the newfound strength, and the sheer joy that menopause can unleash. You were probably never told anything about menopause, let alone how to navigate a great sex life during the change.

Get ready to liberate yourself from the myths. Menopause is not an end; it’s a powerful beginning. And whether you have sex once a year or once a day in menopause: guess what…YOU write the script during this time of life, my dearest!

Let’s break free from the mold together!

Dr. B