From Cosmo to conversations with friends, our world has a fascination (read obsession) with how often we should be bedding our partners, the more often, the better right?

Well…no, the answer isn’t that open and shut actually. If having sex with your partner every day happens to be your jam, have at it, get it on sis! But it’s important to note that intimacy looks different for different people, and frequency might not be the best metric for a healthy sex life.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about why the frequency question requires a lot more nuance and other metrics we can use to check in on our sexy.

It doesn’t matter what the neighbors are doing. It matters how sexual you are as often as you and your partner want to be as long as it’s satisfying and fulfilling. -Heather Bartos

You’ll also learn; 

  • Why more sex doesn’t necessarily equate with better wellbeing 
  • Why quality always, always beats quantity 
  • What our sex frequency can tell us about what’s going on around us