Everyone loves being thought of as sexy, but what does “sexy” really mean?

The media and society likes to perpetuate this idea that you have to look like a supermodel or Marilyn Monroe to be sexy, but I think that’s a load of crap!


You do NOT have to be a size zero to be desirable! 


We are all sexy in our own unique ways.


Today I’m diving in to how scarcity has been used for decades to sell products, ways YOU can feel sexy everyday despite personal insecurities, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your OBGYN about your sex life. 

You won’t want to miss it, so come join in on the fun!



I’ll answer these common questions in this episode of The ME Spot Podcast…

-How can I improve my self esteem?

-Can I still be sexy if I’m overweight?

-How can I be more sexy?

-How can I feel sexier in the bedroom?

-How to feel confident and sexy when you feel old, fat and gross?


“In a world where we are programmed to please, it’s more important than ever to be your own woman. You deserve to stand up for yourself, sister!”


You will learn…

-How to define sexy for yourself

-Why you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your OBGYN about your sex life

-Ways you can feel sexier everyday, despite personal insecurities

-Why sexy isn’t just reserved for supermodels

-How to uncover your own “secret sauce” that makes you uniquely sexy


Remember these takeaways…

  1. Forget the cliche that you have to be a supermodel to be sexy. No one looks like that in real life!
  2. Next time you start comparing yourself to some unattainable standard, channel your inner Justin Timeberlake and bring your sexy back.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to other people’s definition of sexy. No two women are alike and that’s a beautiful thing.
  4. Society may say that you’re only sexy at a size zero… I say no way!! You are your own unique brand of sexy and you are beautiful!!


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