Today we’re kicking off a series of episodes dealing with sex and sexiness. 

Most of us women tie sex and feeling sexy with our physical appearance, but what do men think?


In this episode we’re going to start talking about the five areas of concern that women typically have, versus the top five areas that men find sexy about us. 

The first of women’s concerns around our bodies have ro do with gravity…

Yes, gravity. You know, the force that’s made certain areas of your body dangly? 

Do men find those as unpleasant as we do? Let’s see!



I’ll answer these common questions…

-Why do I fear of not looking good enough?

-What makes women sexy?

-Should I worry about my boobs and weenus? 

-How can I make my boobs and weenus look better?

-Should I be spotlessly beautiful?

-What do men say about what makes a woman sexy?


“The top attribute that makes a woman sexy according to men is your smile, followed by your. eyes, intelligence, then humor.”


You will learn…

-Discover where the fear of not looking good enough stems from

-Not to be perfect, but to understand that to be human is all we need to be

-About a survey for women that tells us about the top areas of concern about their body and self-esteem

-Survey answers from men about what they think makes women sexy

-Tips on positional changes

-Your mantra for today


Grab these takeaways…

  1. Most women tie sex and sexiness with outward appearance.
  2. The concerns women have prior to engaging in and then during the middle of sex, often come from fear of rejection.
  3. Part of the problem is the goddess culture that has been perpetuated now by some sexual coaches, media and books.
  4. We want to sidestep all of that goddess myth, ground our sexy and work with what we have.
  5. We can be totally human and still be damn sexy.
  6. If you care about fisheye boobs and weenus, positional changes can help you. Find some relaxing positions where you can just let your body breath and you’re not embarrassed by it.


Your next best steps…

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