In this episode, we’re talking about something that is very personal to me. 

Not only am I bringing you professional advice today, but I’m also very vulnerably sharing advice as woman who struggled through and made it out the other side of a sexless marriage. 

Yes, I was in a sexless marriage for almost 2 years.

Did it get better? It did.

Find out how I survived (and so did he) and what I wish I’d known then.



I’ll answer these common questions…

-Why is my partner isn’t doing it with me?

-Can men have decreasing sex drives too?

-What are the reasons some men have decreasing sex drives?

-Is being in a sexless marriage uncommon?

-How can I help to make things better with my partner?


“There are many underlying reasons why your partner could be in a ‘dry spell’. He may have been sexually shamed as a child, was sexually molested, stressed about his job, or is suffering from some low testosterone.”


You will learn…

-What andropause is & why it matters

-Dealing with a sexless marriage – and it may not be about you

-How many other women are in a sexless marriages too

-How can being in a sexless marriage affects your view of yourself

-Things you could do to help your partner and improve your sex life


Grab these takeaways…

  1. We are never really taught as women that men can have decreasing sex drives too.
  2. Andropause can be at any age.
  3. A dry spell maybe caused by the lack of intimacy as opposed to the absence of sex
  4. About 15% of women who are with a partner and have not have sex in the past six months.
  5. A sexless marriage ruins any reassurance that we retain a huge part in our partner’s hearts.
  6. What to do: Evaluate where you are, look at when that last time you had sex, examine that time, decide to work on your own inner sexy, and start working through your own issues, shame and regret.


Your next best steps…

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