Hey love…

I don’t want to quit. I mean quitters never win and winners never quit? Isn’t that the quote? Who said that…was it Elmo?

But I digress…

I started The ME Spot Podcast because a single patient several years ago told me she had never experienced an orgasm. She was 70. SEVENTY!!

And I realized how much DISinformation was out there—patients that had low libido and they were told by their doctors to “fake it til they made it.” UGH.

Or that they went to their provider and were given testosterone to have levels over 800! (that’s the level of a 40-year-old DUDE). Nope, nope and NOPE.

Women who were wondering why their partners weren’t interested in sex with THEM. Or was porn healthy? Or what kind of vibrator should they get and how to clean it?????? Or how many women out there thought they weren’t enough (spoiler alert: it’s at least MILLIONS).

Then these lovely gals starting thinking…

  • They needed more thongs (hate those).
  • They needed to eat less. (during a pandemic? Ha.)
  • They needed to be MORE. (how can I give any MORE???)


And it pissed me off.


So I started the ME Spot Podcast to help all women—every. Single. One.


The podcast—if you haven’t heard it—is a short, sassy little show about sexy, self-care (I do have some radical ideas about this overused phrase) and sisterhood.


It’s NSFW. It’s NSFK. And I’ve had MEN tell me they love it—like picking up a Cosmo to find out the secrets of womanhood.


But now…we need more subscribers. More downloads. More reviews. We have to save The ME Spot! We have a devoted little fan base, but this baby needs to grow to continue it!


This is about helping your fellow sisters, your moms, your aunts, your daughters…

I promise I pour my heart and soul (and probably waaaaayyyy to many personal deets) into this show—because I truly want to help you out of the stirrups.


So if you haven’t been listening…I’m giving my 100th subscriber—a $100 Amazon gift card.

And to my 100th review…also an Amazon gift card at $100!!


We are on Apple AND Spotify (and Audible, speaking of Amazon)

Help me keep this passion project going!