Why is this blog called Inner-Course™?

It’s not always about intercourse, sister.  Health information is useless if we just focus on a penis and a vagina. 

According to the Urban Dictionary: Inner-Course is a conscious look within… an inward journey toward self-awareness and growth.

We can talk about blow jobs and orgasms all day, but if we don’t march inward and see what’s holding us back from a less-than-satisfactory sex life—using our BRAINS…we won’t cross the finish line, know what I mean?

What I long for us gals to excel in is Inner-Course™!  

So when you read this blog page: keep in mind—this health information is not just for your vagina, or your sex drive.  It’s for YOU in all of your freakin’ glory!!!!  

Live Inner-Course™, baby!

I’m there with ya.