Inner-CourseTM Part 2:

ORAL SEX: We’re Heading Downtown – And Spilling the Beans On Everything You Need to Know About THAT Journey!


Oral sex is a term that interests some people and generates a feeling of disgust in others.  Basically—in a nutshell—it’s a form of sexual activity that involves arousal of one’s genital parts by his/her partner using the mouth (that’s right, it’s not just for talking).

Oral sex includes:

  • Cunnilingus: Oral stimulation of the vulva, clitoris, and/or vagina
  • Fellatio: Oral stimulation of the penis and/or testicles; sometimes also called a blow job
  • Rimming: Oral stimulation of the anus

In the way old days (1950s), oral sex–specifically fellatio–was seen as a social stigma and was even considered a FELONY in 48 states. However, it slowly evolved to become known as an act more intimate than traditional penile-vaginal intercourse.


But be careful, ME Spotters: states like Michigan, however, keep an “anti-sodomy” law which criminalizes oral and anal sex.  What’s up, Michigan?  Most states dropped theirs when the Supreme Court ruled that law unconstitutional.  Ann Arbor needs to get with the program!


The idea that “going down” on a man can help women prevent miscarriages sounds like fiction, but researchers suggest the science is real.


But enough about blow jobs…

Fun facts about female oral sex:

  • Some hypothesize that, like fellatio, cunnilingus helps keep partners faithful.


  • It improves the experience of intercourse for women, because it tends to increase the degree of arousal.
  • It’s all about “pure pleasure.”
  • Oral sex however is often a precursor to sex that behaves like a lubricant.
  • It is a way to stay connected to your partner—it’s purely selfless and often considered very intimate, even more so than penetration.

Those are awesome benefits (along with all the usual benefits of orgasm!)

If you avoid oral sex thinking that the vagina is dirty think again. The vagina is full of healthy bacteria known as lactobacilli that constantly fight infections and keep it in awesome condition. In fact, other parts of your body like the mouth and can breed more bacteria and germs.  Yah, believe me, sister!


·      Mouth: Your mouth encounters more germs than the rectal area. Hence, why Orbit gum sales did so well (“clean up your mouth!)

·      Belly button: um weird and gross, but I’ve seen some amazing things pulled of belly buttons.

·      Fingernails: yah, mama always said: wash under your nails!

·      Neck and forearm, where more than 44 different kinds of bacteria can live.

Not everyone likes performing oral sex. Not everyone likes receiving it. There is no right way to have oral sex. It’s not like we get trained in “how to do it” so a conversation with your partner is totally worth it

Feeling either way is just as normal as liking oral sex from all directions. In addition, as with other types of sexual activity, people like different types of oral stimulation. Some people might prefer light touches while others enjoy strong suction.

Remember also that nobody’s genitals smell like Cinnabon. When people like each other, they often like each other’s body smells, too, which is basic biology. So even if you don’t like your smell, chances are that your partner probably does.

There’s no ABC after school special on how to do this—and it would be unhelpful (even with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) because it would vary from person to person.  Remember, like a great road trip—the fun is in the journey not just the destination.  So travel the winding roads, make some pit stops, visit some tourist destinations and see what works for you.  For YOU.