Hey Sensational Subscribers,

Guess who’s sliding back into your inboxes like a pair of silk pajamas on a freshly made bed? That’s right – your favorite guilty pleasure is making a steamy comeback!

Drumroll, please…

Introducing Season 4 of the SEX Podcast with Dr. Heather Bartos!

We know you’ve been patiently twiddling your thumbs (and maybe a few other things) in anticipation, and the wait is finally over. Mark your calendars for September 1st, because things are about to get hotter than a jalapeño’s yoga session in a sauna!

What can you expect? Oh, just your usual dose of spicy, sassy, and oh-so-educational content that only the queen of edutainment herself, Dr. Heather Bartos, can deliver. Get ready to dive into mind-boggling topics that’ll have your ears turning as red as your grandma’s famous tomato sauce. From uncovering the art of the perfect flirt to decoding the mysterious language of body signals, we’re leaving no seductive stone unturned.

And let’s not forget the much-anticipated “Bedroom Bloopers” episode, where we’ll reveal some of the most hilarious, cringe-worthy, and downright awkward stories from our lovely listeners.

Remember, you’re never alone in those blushing moments!

So, whether you’re flying solo, coupling up, or still trying to figure it all out, Season 4 of the SEX Podcast promises to be your ultimate guide to navigating the tantalizing, perplexing, and electrifying world of human connection. 


Your eardrums are in for a treat that’s sexier than a sunburn on a tropical getaway. (and until then…get caught up on those past episodes like you’re bingeing Only Murders in the Building!)