Have you ever felt less than the sexy, inner badass babe you really are?

Do you sometimes wonder is this all there is for me?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to feel like I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and never ever let me forget I’m a total badass!”

It’s time to cut through the shame, blame, and shoulds that past partners, the media, and your upbringing have convinced you are warranted because that’s all bullshit!

On The ME Spot Podcast, you will enjoy frank, unfiltered, bite-sized discussions about real-life womanhood, overcoming real-life struggles, and making your real life SEXY!

Not only will I share anonymous patient stories on the show, but I’m also gonna bring the lights down and get vulnerable about my own personal stories and struggles with body image and weight, infertility, sex, and so, so, much more…

All with the intention of helping YOU realize that honey, you’re not alone…

It’s time for EVERY woman to personally redefine her sense of values… her sense of sexy… and her sense of self.

Now while we will be addressing serious subjects, this is NOT a how-to series or a place to learn what you’re doing wrong. Bunk that bullshit!



If you’re open-minded, curious about sex, sexuality, and a wide array of women’s self-esteem issues, this is the show for you!

The ME Spot is meant to be a fun, lighthearted, self empowerment vitamin for your day — to learn all kinds of new things while hanging out with your newest Dr. B-FF, who just happens to have a medical degree.

And if we haven’t met before, you’ll quickly learn that I’m not your mother’s OB/GYN.

Which reminds me… this podcast is marked explicit due to mature subject matter and the occasional f-bomb, so it’s not recommended for the ears of children or those who are easily offended.

Take a listen & if you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single juicy episode! Welcome to the revolution, badass.  Love your shoes. 😉