There’s definitely something sexy about sending a lil’ erotic photo or video to your partner, BUT it’s not a VHS tape that you can just go and burn. Once it’s out there, in the ether, in the cloud, in the interwebs, there’s no going back. The last thing you need is even the slightest risk of a leak or worse, revenge porn. 

If you’re worried about your piece of erotica getting into the wrong hands is there a way to be sexy while still protecting your privacy? 

In this episode, I talk about clever little ways to show off your inner sexy digitally, without risking leaks and other violations of your privacy.



If you want to reach out and expand the feel of your sexiness, recording might be a part of that. -Heather Bartos


You’ll also learn; 

  • Why sexy photos and videos can expand your inner sexy 
  • If you can ever trust a third-party apps like Snapchat with intimate photos and videos 
  • How to take a sexy pic without showing your face (and still make it look hot!)