OMG what a year. WHAT. A. YEAR.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sentimentalist (I know who would have guessed, right?) so I often spend this day reviewing the news that happened (wildfires, COVID, election) and then for some morbid reason I like to go through and look at all the people who have died this year, both personally (my dear Dad, and Virginia McFarland, one of my great mentors) and the famous ones as well (Kobe, RBG, Sean Connery and a TON more).

Why do I dwell on the past on this last day of the year? I like to think of it as “bringing it up to my consciousness,” I want to honor their legacies and also to propel me forward. (this is a common practice in cultures around the world: check it out here!

But now I have to get into 2021…and I’m gonna use 2020 to get me there.

I’ll even give you some examples:

COVID: ok, can’t do much about that—it hit our house via our 8-year-old and scared the BEDOOGEY out of me. This virus is unpredictable and as a physician, I don’t like unpredictable. I get vaccine #2 in 8 days. Felt totally find after the first one—I’ll keep you posted!

My dad’s death: horrible, fast and nothing like I’d want: I’m spending this year creating a “Year of Health,” and first on my list (besides the usual dentist, mammogram, well woman, etc.) is to “honor” him by getting a colonoscopy and an EGD. Chadwck Boseman (the Black Panther) and his untimely death affected us, too. So this c-scope is essential. Bring on the colon prep!!!

I—like many—gained some weight this year. I realized I used this s***ty year as an excuse to resume really, really REALLY poor-choice eating habits (for me, this is consuming large quantities of refined flour and salt—you know, like pasta, nachos, things I’d sworn off years ago).

I know exactly why I did it—coping skills. But this year, I’m hellbent on shedding the COVID-25# and finding some new coping skills—if anyone has some ideas, I’d love to hear them!

But aren’t you excited about the hope of a new year? I realize it’s a day difference, but I LOVE the hope of something new. And I gotta lot going on in the beginning of the year—complete with some very exciting news!! Happy New Year, my love! May 2021 bring us a lot less s**t than this year…but still keep those lessons a-coming!

Love and light to you!

Dr. B