This year my clinic, be. Women’s Health & Wellness celebrates its 5th year! We’re going to be partying all week long, let me tell you. Be sure to follow me on social media…there will be pictures galore!

Here’s me on my own 5th birthday. I was the “manager” at McDonald’s!

Anyway, many women ask me, “Why be?” Why name your clinic be?

It’s a fair question because it’s an unusual name for a doctor’s office.

After spending time in “corporate” medicine, I didn’t feel I could practice medicine the way I wanted – the way most women wanted. Preventive medical care was scoffed and medicine was all about “shares,” “relative value units” and seeing more people while seemingly doing less for them. Have a question about your bill or insurance? Great, call an office 70 miles away. Need to talk to a nurse? Yep, leave a message through a vast network of phones and hope you get a response sometime that week.

Which is probably why, after having my second baby at the age of 40 and shipping back to Texas post-military with my husband, I went into corporate medicine and… hated every second.

Think: “Dynasty” in a doctor’s office. Lying, backstabbing, and fraud, all while squeezing in 40 patients per day in 5-minute appointments or I’d be penalized by “the man”.

I barely had time to ask my patients what the problem was, let alone get to know them. Eventually, I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia, and asked myself: “What the f*ck am I doing here?! I’ve gotta get out.”

As I planned my exit route, I met a money mindset coach who showed me how mindset interconnected with everything in our lives—and when we shift our mindset? We transform the way we make work, play, and make money.


I didn’t just want to give my patients pills and prescriptions, I wanted to help them dig deep into the way they saw themselves, their health, and their bodies, shift their mindset, and start to define what “healthy” looked like for them.

Before long, I took off like a hobo down the road and opened up a village for women’s health called be. Women’s Health & Wellness.

It’s a place where women can get seen by the best medical providers, and get access to everything else they needed for their mental and spiritual health too; like yoga, wellness workshops, meditation, and more.

It started as just two providers (me and my Nurse Practitioner) but has since grown to 7 providers with over 14 available services, both medical and holistic.

As I like to say: We’re here to treat the whole woman, not just a woman’s hole. (Bet you won’t forget that one any time soon. ;))

As for the name? After one of those long days back in corporate medicine, a familiar song from the 70s came on the radio: “Let It Be.” 

We, as medical providers, should encourage women to be themselves; be strong; be confident; be healthy. This whole project was just meant to be. 

Happy Birthday BE!