Have you ever daydreamed? Of course you have! My daydreams sometimes involve having my house look like The Container Store. Everything neat as a pin, in its place and super orderly – but totally attractive and the envy of all my friends. You know, the kind of house your mom can walk into and have nothing to criticize?

Ha! Take THAT mom!

Marie Kondo is the newest guru of tidy and if you haven’t YET caught her Netflix show, Facebook page, or books on the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Gottcha! You are now in the very neat KonMari Method club where everyone throws out all their junk and sits in an empty house feeling at total and complete peace with the universe.

It has seriously turned into a cult, at this point, and here I am passing out the Kool-Aid

It dawned on me, 4 episodes into my Netflix Marie Kondo binge-watching session, that the disorder and collecting wasn’t the actual problem, it was a symptom of a problem! Then it also dawned on me that the symptoms of these ”problems” manifest themselves in our lives as well as in our homes.

And then, as the great Oprah Winfrey says, I had my “AH HA Moment”

Momma, we GOTTA  KonMari Method our lives! And I mean the whole dang thing — work, relationships, health….all of it. And I’m going to help you tidy it all the way up – not just the overflowing underwear drawers and bowing shoe racks. I’m going to go step-by-step with you here, on the blog, because I know some of y’all can relate to your life being so chock-full of crap that you can’t ever get to the good parts. Maybe your current methods aren’t working to nix the problem areas once and for all – don’t worry we’re going to fix that!

So, pile up your junk on the floor, get ready to find lots of “Sparks of Joy” (if you don’t quite yet know what I am talking about, head to Netflix or Facebook to get the DL on Marie Kondo) and prepare to KonMari the Crap Outta your Life with me!