In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about your sex drive, Baby!

A lot of women feel shy talking about this but not to worry, with Dr. B… nothing’s off limits!

I’ll be sharing a story with you on this episode about Stella, who at 78 years young told me she was sleeping with seven different men! Yowzers!

We’ll get into that and a whole lot more!



I’ll answer these common questions…

-What is sex drive?

-What is my sex drive supposed to be like?

-How often should I have sex with my partner?

-When is sex too much?

-What factors can affect my sex drive?

-When does a high sex drive becomes an issue?


“People who have sex at least once a week are generally happier in their relationships than people who get it less often. However, those who have it more than once a week don’t tend to be happier.”


You will learn…

-Questions a lot of women ask me about their sex drive

-The trick question that will answer why you have a low sex drive

-The average annual sexcapades an adult woman has

-How sex drive changes with time AND situation

-How often do women masturbate

-Factors affecting high sex drive and when it may become an issue


Grab these takeaways…

  1. A woman’s sex drive will change and vary throughout her life.
  2. You shouldn’t be thinking about anything during sex. You should be feeling, experimenting, and experiencing!
  3. Same-sex partners tend to have more sex and be more satisfied with sex than opposite-sex partners.
  4. Keeping track of the frequency of sex is important.
  5. For women that have a really high sex drive: enjoy it while you have it! However, if it’s affecting your life negatively, that would be an issue. 


Your next best steps…

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