O to the M and the G. Melisandre, the Red Witch, goes through Menopause on fast forward!  Her winter came ….and went in a flash.  Was her necklace actually a supercharged HRT patch?

What’s an HRT patch?

Why are you talking about Menopause?

Whaaat… OK – I am spazzing out because we are ALMOST done with Game of Thrones for ever! Winter is definitely coming and going – especially for Melisandre. While I wasn’t so sad to see her go, I was feeling for her menopausal suffering or, as I like to call it, puberty in reverse.

Menopause is the end of fertility for a woman like puberty is the beginning of fertility.  Unfortunately, we won’t Benjamin Button it back to our pre-pubescent years with wrinkle-free skin, non-saggy butts and thick silverstrandless hair.


We don’t, however, have to suffer through some of the more concerning menopausal side-effects like

  • hot flashes ( it’s getting hot in here, wait, no it’s not!)
  • vaginal dryness  (it’s the Sahara desert up in here!)
  • decreased libido  (not tonight, or any other night for that matter)
  • sleep disturbance  (owls have NOTHING on me)
  • memory changes (where did I put the keys…and my car?)
  • mood swings  (I hate you, I love you, I hate you I  love you…)

And more…..

It’s no wonder out anti-heroine, Melisandre was so BEEOTCHY. For real. Menopause will make you do some craaaazzzyy things.

So,  how can we make our menopausal road trip to middle age a bit less Melisandre and a lot more Zen? Try these Menopausal survival tips.

Hormone Therapy – It may be low dose estrogen and, if you still have a uterus, progestin. There are some risks with hormone replacement like cardiovascular risks and breast cancer but you doctor will be able to explain the risk / benefit of all your HRT options.

Seizure and/or Blood Pressure medication – if those hot flashes are really disturbing your sleep or activities of daily living, then your doctor can help with off-label use of 2 medications used to treat other conditions which also help to reduce hot flashes.

Antidepressants – fluctuating hormone levels can leave our chemicals imbalanced and us feeling depressed. You doctor can prescribe an Antidepressant to help you feel better.

Herbal Medications – trying the “natural route” may be effective, but remember, even herbal treatments have side effects and some studies don’t show their effectiveness for reducing hot flashes, mood swings, or sleep disturbances. Herbs like Black Cohosh, Ginseng, and Dong Quai are some of the herbs women use to treat the symptoms of menopause and show more promise than others.  Whichever supplement you use, please make sure you tell your doctor and pharmacist about them as there can be interactions with other prescription medications.

Menopause is nothing to be scared about, especially with the help of your doctor. While we’ll be missing Melisandre and her Menopausal misdeeds, >we don’t have to go full Red Queen on everyone and everything because we are experiencing “the change”. Though we will take her HRT necklace that makes us look 150ish  years younger!