When it comes to STDs, we have the most common offenders clocked and dead to rights. Chlamydia (we know her and her wily ways), syphilis (can you just go away, already) and herpes (we can’t keep meeting like this).

But what if, all along these rogues had a sneakier cousin who has been secretly lurking in the shadows, pouncing on our sexy? Well, allow me to introduce you to mycoplasma genitalium. It’s small but mighty, it’s believed that 1 in 100 people have it, it’s hard to treat and here’s the not-so-fun rub, there’s no test for it.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Dr. B, how come I’ve never heard of this STD before?’ Well, in this episode, we’re going to learn about mycoplasma, and all the drama it’s stirring up.

We know there’s this STD, we know it’s common, but we’re not really testing for it. -Heather Bartos 

You’ll also learn; 

  • Why mycoplasma has proven to be such a slippery offender 
  • What doctors know about mycoplasma 
  • How to reduce the risk of catching and spreading it